What Does the Colorado Front Range Cost Increase Mean for Construction?

What Does the Colorado Front Range Cost Increase Mean for Construction?

June 10, 2022

The front range Colorado Springs cost increase is one that has shocked the area. Rent prices have gone up more than 20 percent in some areas, and worker shortages have caused those numbers to rise. These are some of the ways the cost increases can affect construction and what you can do about it if you’re planning to build a new property:

How the Pandemic Slowed Construction

The pandemic kicked off a massive slowdown in construction housing demand and supply. Many workers had to halt their projects to keep themselves safe during the pandemic and meet the state’s guidelines. Furthermore, some companies halted their expansion projects because of the dismal hits they took when business operations slowed. Construction supply shortages existed before the pandemic, but they worsened afterward. All of those factors contributed to the shortage of supply. 

The pandemic also caused many people to change their lifestyles. Some people moved in with their relatives to try to stay afloat during all the confusion. Others obtained remote jobs so they could continue operating inside their homes during the quarantines and such. Then some got to stay in their homes and apartments despite the pandemic-related problems because of long-term eviction stays. No one was looking to purchase a home or move, and thus, there was no demand for housing at the time. 

Why Rates Increased for Rent

The world saw unprecedented rent increases and inflated housing prices once the pandemic began to die down a little bit. Rent prices started to skyrocket after the eviction stays subsided because apartment complexes needed to recoup some of the funds they had lost during the eviction stays. Also, people who had been previously unable to move came out of the woodwork and started seeking new housing. Both of those factors caused rental prices to soar in many states and locales in response to the increased demand. However, the supply remained low.

The Colorado Springs area was one of the most affected areas. One-bedroom apartment costs skyrocketed up more than 4 percent and continue to rise for current and new residents. The Denver Post reported an imbalanced housing situation where residents can rent entire single-family homes for much less than renting an apartment.  

What all that means for house construction projects is that they need to be done cost-effectively and use a strategy that doesn’t leave the builders in a hole. Fortunately, many experts are available who can help a business or private entity launch a project gracefully. 

How You Can Still Plan Your Housing Project

A shortage of construction workers is still apparent, but you can locate a company staffed to carry out your project. You can speak to a consulting firm about how to cut home building costs in Colorado. Such a company will be dedicated to ensuring that your project progresses successfully. 

You can see that it’s not impossible to complete a successful project on time. Reaching out to a reputable construction facility and consulting firm is one way to plan and execute it. 

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