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Utilizing Homeowner’s insurance for Structural Issues

March 8, 2022

Insurance can be tricky. Many policies contain loopholes, technicalities and exceptions. If you’re not an insurance agent yourself, this can be downright disconcerting, but when it comes to your home, which is a big investment, it’s crucial to know what your homeowners insurance policy does and does not cover. Will house insurance cover structural damage? That largely depends on several factors. Is there a benefit to purchasing builder’s risk insurance for homeowners? There could be depending on the policy. In this article, we’ll shed some light on whether homeowners insurance will cover a home’s structural issues. In the realm of... View Article

What It Means to Be an Engineer in Responsible Charge

February 22, 2022

Nearly every engineering project requires a team of engineers working together. Like most organizations, though, there needs to be a hierarchy. Certain engineers have various responsibilities on a given project. This hierarchy of responsibility is made simpler by designating an engineer in responsible charge. This engineer has multiple responsibilities, including the final sign-off on project plans and other documents. Being the engineer in responsible charge comes with more than just a wider scope of responsibility. It’s also far from an all-encompassing term. In this article, we’ll answer some questions regarding engineers and their responsibilities. What does the term engineer in... View Article

Why You Should Never Build a Home in a Flood Plain

December 6, 2021

Do you know how to pick a lot to build a house? One of the first things to consider is whether your home is in a flood zone. If you’re considering property on a flood plain, you should reconsider. Not only is your home at increased risk of flooding, but your insurance costs will be higher and it may even be more difficult to secure a mortgage. Here’s why you should avoid building a home in a flood zone. Flood zones and flood zone types The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designates certain geographical areas as flood zones, based on... View Article

What Is an FEA Model?

November 11, 2021

Do you need to complete a practical finite element analysis (FEA) to solve your engineering issue? This might be the solution you have been searching for, but you didn’t realize it existed. So, what is it? A practical finite element analysis is used to solve issues with structure or performance. FEA models divide the structure into elements to analyze the system with extreme precision. Here’s how the process works. Three steps to FEA models A practical finite element analysis uses a computer to model an engineering problem. It typically involves three steps: Defining the problem: The first step in FEA... View Article

Why Reinforcing Open Web Steel Joists Can Be Difficult

September 6, 2021

Open web steel joists have been the preferred framing system for large buildings for over a century. The design—composed of steel top and bottom chords with angular webs in between—provided superior structural support as buildings grew larger and larger. These web trusses are designed and installed to last for decades without fail. However, there may be a day when the joists in your building need to be replaced. This is no simple undertaking! Keep reading to learn about a few of the difficulties your chosen engineering team will face. Scale of project The first reason reinforcing joists is difficult is... View Article

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