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Deflection and Serviceability Factors in Engineering

October 23, 2023

In the field of engineering, one of the key considerations when designing structures is the deflection and serviceability factors. Deflection refers to the amount of bending or deformation a structure undergoes under applied loads, while serviceability factors encompass the overall performance and ability of a structure to meet functional and comfort requirements. Understanding and properly addressing these factors are crucial for ensuring the integrity, safety, and functionality of various engineering projects. 1. Deflection: A Measure of Structural Deformation Deflection is a fundamental concept in structural engineering, representing the extent of bending or sagging that occurs in a structural element when... View Article

What Do Clouds Mean on Engineering Drawings?

October 14, 2022

Engineering is a complicated field that requires years of hard work and dedication. As with any profession, there are certain aspects of engineering that are specific to the field, and engineering drawing is one of them. For anyone looking at a blueprint, it can be hard to understand what it means. Clouds in an engineering drawing are a perfect example. What Do Clouds on Construction Drawings Mean? If you are looking at a construction drawing or blueprint, the clouds on a construction drawing indicate that there have been changes made to the blueprint in the area where the clouds are located.... View Article

What Is BIM, And How Does It Benefit Engineering?

September 23, 2022

The engineering industry has experienced massive changes over the years. There has been a great transition from manual to digital, thanks to technological innovations. BIM is one of the innovations that has greatly transformed engineering, making processes more efficient. Read on to learn what BIM is and how it benefits engineering.  What Is BIM in Engineering? BIM, or building information modeling, refers to a digital process that allows a person to plan, design, and construct a building within a single 3D model. It integrates multidisciplinary data to create digital representations managed in a cloud platform.  Benefits of BIM in Engineering Below... View Article

How To Strengthen Open-Web Steel Joists

September 9, 2022

Steel open web joists are one of the most popular framing systems in commercial construction. There are many reasons for this popularity. They’re versatile, offer a clean look, and are relatively lightweight, making them easy to work with. However, steel open web joists also have their fair share of disadvantages. One of the biggest problems with steel open web joists is that they can be susceptible to buckling. Buckling occurs when the joist is subjected to a load it cannot support. This can happen for various reasons, but most often, it is due to poor design or installation. When buckling occurs,... View Article

What’s the Difference Between Braced Framing & Moment Resisting Framing?

August 26, 2022

Braced frame and moment frame stands out as some of the most used terms in construction. Any construction work you will be involved in will utilize one of these two methods. The two framing methods are fundamental in ensuring that your structure is stable and can withstand different loads that will be placed on it. In this article, we will take a closer look at the two methods and see their key differences. 1. Cost One of the fundamental differences between the two methods is the cost. A braced frame is generally going to be the more affordable option when... View Article

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