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Why Soil Compaction Is Important in Construction

May 28, 2021

Unless you’re a contractor or engineer yourself, you might not realize the importance of soil compaction in construction in Hudson, CO. Soil compaction affects the foundation and drainage. If the soil under your building isn’t properly compacted, you could end up with floods, a cracked foundation, a shifting building and other things that will affect your property’s stability and value. Here’s an overview of soil compaction and why it’s so key to a stable building. What is soil compaction? Imagine trying to build a structure on the beach: the sand is bound to shift and settle over time. That, in... View Article

The Link Between Geotechnical Engineering and Soil

January 30, 2021

No matter what you are building, you must check the soil. Testing looks into the soil minerals, rocks, and Earth strata on development land. Geotechnical engineering is the practice of checking the soil and rock mechanics to assess subsurface conditions. These elements affect building strategy, as there is a strong link between soil mechanics and foundation engineering. When you build in Hudson, CO, you must invest in geotech soil testing. Here is an overview of why this is important. Why worry about soil? Soil has served as foundation support for thousands of years. Most of what we know today about... View Article

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