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Why Is Bedrock Ideal When Drilling Pier Foundations?

January 20, 2023

When it comes to building a pier or doing any foundation drilling, the right base rock is essential and can make a big difference. If you try to drill for a pier in a stone or sediment layer that is not strong enough, the pier can collapse, and the structure can be unsafe. So, why is bedrock best for pier drilling? Keep reading to find out. Why Is Bedrock Great for a Drilled Pier Foundation? Bedrock is the solid layer of rock beneath the soil and other layers of material on the surface. The bedrock is the base for most of... View Article

What Is Shoring, and Why Is It Required?

January 6, 2023

When it comes to construction, a huge number of terms are used to describe the things a construction company does to keep the site safe. Shoring is one of them. Shoring is something that is needed at many construction sites, but not all. Knowing what shoring is might help you better understand why it is needed at your construction site.  What Is Shoring, and Why Might You Need it? Shoring is a process of building up a structure around those structures that might not be safe to help stabilize it while it is either being built or repaired. This can... View Article

What’s the Difference Between Helical Pier vs. Push Pier Foundation?

December 23, 2022

Are you dealing with a sinking foundation of your property? One solution to this problem is to use either helical piers or push piers to make the foundation structurally sound again. However, what is the difference between push piers and helical piers? Keep on reading this article to find out about push pier vs helical pier. Helical Piers vs Push Piers – What Is the Difference? The main difference is that helical piers are like screws, while push piers are like nails. However, there are more differences, including the following:  Cost. Helical piers require more workforce, which makes them more expensive.... View Article

What’s the Difference Between Building a Timber Framed Home Versus a Conventionally Framed Home?

December 9, 2022

When you first consider a custom-built home, you will need to think about what type of construction you are interested in. The type of frame building you use will greatly affect the overall building process. This quick guide will provide you with information on the differences between timber frame construction and post and beam construction. How Are They Different? Customization – The main difference between these two building options is the design. A conventionally framed home relies on load-bearing walls. This is an essential part of the construction process. This will play a huge role in the layout of the... View Article

Why Does Groundwater Fluctuate Seasonally?

November 25, 2022

Most people are not aware that groundwater quality goes through seasonal fluctuations. This can be important information for homeowners who use a well for their home’s water supply. This quick guide will provide you with information on why this happens and why it is important to you. What Causes Groundwater Fluctuations There can be many reasons that affect groundwater levels and quality. Some of the changes are caused by natural occurrences, and others are caused by man’s activities above ground. Below ground, there are many aquifers located throughout a state. Some of the more shallow aquifers will be dramatically affected... View Article