What To Know About Soil Settlement In Home Building

What To Know About Soil Settlement In Home Building

April 7, 2023

What To Know About Soil Settlement In Home Building

Soil settlement is a normal part of home building. It’s when the foundation, wood, and soil underneath a house shift due to environmental changes. Usually this happens over a few years following construction. But it can also happen decades after a house is built.

Poorly Compacted Fill Soil

Soil is one of the most important components in any construction project. It can support the building structure and give it a sturdy foundation. However, this is only possible if the soil has been properly compacted before it’s placed on the ground. When it’s not, the home’s weight can cause the soil to compress, resulting in foundation settlement or heaving. A common cause of improperly compacted fill is the use of structural fill material that’s not of proper quality or density. Another common culprit is the burying of large rocks during yard construction. This makes the soil next to them lighter and less dense, so it isn’t able to compact as well as the rest of the fill on the site. The water content also plays a big part in how easily the soil can be compacted. Ideally, the water content should be as close to its ideal level as possible – this is known as optimum moisture content or OMC.

Poorly Sloped Land

Poorly slopped land can have a major impact on soil settlement in home building projects. It can also make maintenance harder and impose additional costs. Soil type is an important factor to consider when buying a sloped lot, especially if the ground is wet or frozen clay. This type of soil may erode or cause foundations to expand or swell, which could lead to expensive engineering fixes and additional filling of granular soil. Another consideration is accessibility to your lot. This can be a problem in areas that are steep and located in wooded areas. Choosing the right builders with experience in working on sloping sites is crucial. They will be able to work with you to design a layout that utilizes the benefits of your site and saves you time and money during the planning and construction stages.

Poor Site Drainage

Poor site drainage, or the inability to remove water effectively from a property, can cause soil settlement. This can occur when water that is allowed to stand or sit next to a home, or even in the yard, pushes the soil out from under the foundation of the building. Depending on the type of soil, this can lead to cracks and bowing walls. It also can cause rot in the foundation walls and damage to the building’s structure. If the soil around your home is poorly drained, you may have to hire a professional to regrade your land and install new drainage. This will help prevent soil settlement. Poor site drainage can also lead to problems with landscaping. For example, when water runs over the top of poor soil it can erode the soil and rob plants of vital nutrients. This can lead to rot and disease. If a landscape is not properly managed, it can also be dangerous for humans as well as wildlife.

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