Why Is Bedrock Ideal When Drilling Pier Foundations?

Why Is Bedrock Ideal When Drilling Pier Foundations?

January 20, 2023

When it comes to building a pier or doing any foundation drilling, the right base rock is essential and can make a big difference. If you try to drill for a pier in a stone or sediment layer that is not strong enough, the pier can collapse, and the structure can be unsafe. So, why is bedrock best for pier drilling? Keep reading to find out.

Why Is Bedrock Great for a Drilled Pier Foundation?

Bedrock is the solid layer of rock beneath the soil and other layers of material on the surface. The bedrock is the base for most of the sediment and ground that we see. Bedrock is under all soil; it is under the sand, soil, sediment, and more. It is an ideal material for drilled foundations for a few reasons.

Bedrock is a very strong foundation and will allow for passive and dynamic support for the pier and the buildings that then go on top of those piers. Drilling into bedrock and building on bedrock is going to ensure that the structure has maximum support, that there is not going to be much of a chance that the foundation will erode or wash away, and that there is not much danger for the building or structures.

How To Drill in Bedrock?

Bedrock is very hard, and for drilled piers, it is important that you take the time to find the right tools and the right company to do the job. With a drilled pier in bedrock, it is essential for auger drilling with a drill rig to ensure that the hole is drilled deep enough, that the drill is going to be strong enough to drill, and that the process is going to go as planned.

To drill into bedrock for a pier, it does require a professional company to be able to do it correctly. The auger drill will drill into the bedrock and remove rock so that the posts for the pier can then be placed and secured. The auger drill is needed to get into the bedrock as it will be very difficult to drill into.

If you are placing a pier, drilling into the bedrock is the best way to ensure that the pier will stay standing, that there will not be massive erosion, and that the pier will be sturdy and safe for all who use it. 

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