What Is Shoring, and Why Is It Required?

What Is Shoring, and Why Is It Required?

January 6, 2023

When it comes to construction, a huge number of terms are used to describe the things a construction company does to keep the site safe. Shoring is one of them. Shoring is something that is needed at many construction sites, but not all. Knowing what shoring is might help you better understand why it is needed at your construction site. 

What Is Shoring, and Why Might You Need it?

Shoring is a process of building up a structure around those structures that might not be safe to help stabilize it while it is either being built or repaired. This can apply to projects where new structures are being built or where a current structure is being remodeled and repaired.

Shoring is not needed at all construction sites, but it can be beneficial at all construction sites. Shoring requires that a temporary structure be built around the current structure, and this is often done by an engineering firm or planned out by a great civil engineering firm. There are different types of shoring, but protecting a structure and keeping it from being unsafe is the main function of any type of shoring.

Not all sites will require shoring, but if you have a structure that is unsafe or poses any sort of threat does require that there be some sort of shoring place to protect people on the site and the general public.

What Is a Shoring Permit?

In order to get a permit to build any sort of shoring, you do have to have a permit to do so. This does not fall within the scope of your construction permit already. If you need a shoring permit, you have to have the help of an engineering company to get your permit. The process starts with the engineer taking a look at the structure.

They are going to determine what the best type of shoring is going to be, they will draw up plans, and they will help you with calculations as well. The next step is submitting the plan and getting your permit to build your shoring. For those dealing with a site that needs shoring, it is important to take the time to get your permit as quickly as possible to start the process.

If you are in need of shoring at your worksite, contact High Plains Engineering & Consulting LLC to start your quote and find out what we can do for you.

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