What Is Post Frame Construction?

What Is Post Frame Construction?

June 11, 2021

Post frame construction has historically been used for agricultural structures like pole barns, but today this efficient and affordable type of construction is used for numerous other applications. If you’re considering using post frame construction for your next building in Hudson, CO, read on to learn how it’s best utilized.

What is post frame construction?

Post frame construction is quite flexible—it can be built on a number of different foundation types, making it suitable for varied climates and types of soil. The hallmarks of this architecture are laminated, compressed wood columns and heavy-duty trusses. These features allow for strength and durability, but they’re also flexible enough to create myriad designs.

These buildings are often used in commercial structures—steel frames are popular, but post frame can achieve many of the same design and longevity goals for less.

Advantages of post frame construction

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of using post frame construction for Hudson, CO projects:

  • Doesn’t require a foundation: Post frame construction doesn’t need a foundation or concrete floor support, because the posts can be driven straight into the ground for stability. This means you save time and money waiting for concrete to cure. Instead of waiting for the foundation to be poured, your contractors can continue the building process.
  • Strong and durable: Post frame buildings can stand up to high winds, heavy snow and a number of other weather conditions. That’s because the posts and trusses are directly connected, creating a sturdy, durable frame. When used with steel frame roofing, post frame buildings are built to withstand a great deal.
  • Flexible design: Thanks to the posts and trusses, post frame construction does not rely on interior walls for support. This ensures a virtually unlimited flexibility in design. You can create a wide-open interior or add walls as needed—your building will remain structurally sound no matter which options you choose.
  • Fast installation: Since these buildings don’t require a foundation or interior walls, they can be installed and constructed quite quickly. Plus, the materials for posts and trusses are often pre-manufactured, making it simple for a business or individual to construct their structures fast. When time is of the essence, post frame construction is a reliable and quick way to get the job done.
  • Excellent insulation: Not all post frame buildings are insulated, but the ones that are get excellent results. The poles are usually spaced about eight feet apart, which means that, when insulated, you have eight-feet spans of uninterrupted insulation. There are far fewer places where heat transfer can occur. This makes this a very energy-efficient construction style.
  • Cost-effective: Finally, post frame construction is affordable. The lack of foundation, pre-fabricated materials and overall lower need for labor makes it a cost-effective way to construct buildings in your area.

Interested in finding out more about the uses of post frame construction in Hudson, CO? High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC is available to answer all your questions. Call us today to learn more about our engineering and design services.

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