Have Your Egress Windows Failed? We Can Help

Have Your Egress Windows Failed? We Can Help

March 29, 2021

Does your basement have an egress window—and more importantly, does it work the way it should? Egress windows are large windows in a basement that allow people to escape in case of emergency. They also add natural light and ventilation, which makes your basement a more pleasant place to work, sleep or relax. However, some egress windows can fail. Read on to find out what kind of problems you may have with egress window installation in Hudson, CO.

Bad installation

Installing an egress window affects both the structure of your home as well as how waterproof your basement may be. If the windows weren’t installed when the home was built, doing it now can affect the structural integrity of your home. That’s why it’s important to work with an excellent contractor.

One hallmark of bad installation is a lack of a drainage system in the window well. Heavy rain can fill the well and leak into your basement. In extreme cases, the window and casing may fail, which will flood the basement.

Another thing to ask your contractor is how they plan to cut into your foundation. Some contractors have to make two cuts: one from inside and one from the outside. This can work, but there’s a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong. It’s always best if the contractor has the tools to make one seamless cut.

Shoddy materials

It’s crucial to use quality construction materials when installing an egress window. As you know, Colorado sees extreme weather: snow, ice, hail, rain and searing heat. If your contractor uses shoddy materials, the egress window can rust or collapse under soil pressure. You’ll also need a good window well cover, which is designed to keep debris, insects and critters from getting into the window well and blocking the drainage system.

Ask your contractor what type of materials they plan to use, and how well they stand up to extreme weather and soil pressure. There are a number of different materials available, so do your research to determine whether this contractor’s methods are right for you.

Building code violations

If you plan to make your basement into a finished living space, building codes will require an egress window. The window has to be big enough to allow a fully-grown adult to escape in case of emergency. This is commonly defined as a 5.7 square foot opening, no more than 44 inches off the ground, but your local building codes may vary. It’s important that your contractor knows the local building code requirements, and will design and build your egress window to those specifications. If your egress window isn’t built to code, you’ll need to start over, which can cost thousands of dollars due to the extra construction.

When you need a quality egress window and window well installation in Hudson, CO, High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC can help. Call us today to learn more about our engineering services. We’re happy to ensure your egress window meets the highest standards possible.

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