When Should I Hire a Structural Engineer?

When Should I Hire a Structural Engineer?

August 17, 2020

A structural engineer can assist with the design of a building or consult on structural flaws. The field basically concerns the analysis of load-bearing materials. Home structural engineering in Hudson, CO is essential to creating safe residential developments with quality homes. However, structural engineers do not limit their services to large commercial developers. Here are five times you should consider hiring a structural engineer:

  • Home buying or selling: You do not need a structural engineer for every home transaction, but you should consider one if the inspection reveals issues. Inspectors may rule a structural problem as being more serious than it really is, and that can result in high repair costs or contracts never closing. Before you invest in those scenarios, hire a structural engineer first to double check the issue. It may be easily fixed, or at the very least, you will avoid a serious hazard.
  • Remodeling: You may love your current home, but you would also love to add a garage, art studio, enclosed pool or in-law suite. Before you make that investment, make sure your home and lot can sustain it first. Structural engineers check the foundation and see if it can handle the load of the addition or if your home will buckle from the strain. This is vital if you are changing your home’s layout, as changes can affect the quality of your foundation.
  • Alternative energy installation: We all want lower utility bills, and one way to do that is with personal solar panels or wind turbines. In some cases, homeowners with these systems can sell energy back to the grid. Before you get excited about this type of project, hire a structural engineer to run a feasibility study. They can determine if your solar panel layout will provide enough power and if your zoning requirements allow wind turbines. There have been incidents of solar panels on roofs causing those roofs to crash in, so allow an engineer to check and make sure your roof can handle that load.
  • New home building: Your dream home will suddenly become a nightmare if you do not look out for its structural integrity. In the design phase, a structural engineer can check the plans for durability and ensure the home is suitable for its intended use. This also includes ensuring the new structure works with your chosen lot and can be built without significant environmental impacts.
  • Repairing home damage: Wind, fire, flooding and termites cause significant structural damage to homes. Besides the damage you see, there is also the damage you don’t necessarily see, such as foundation cracks, bowing walls, bent floors and standing water. When your home suffers significant damage, having a structural engineer on the repair team makes a big difference. This speeds up your repairs and ensures your insurance company pays your claim.

Home structural engineering will make the difference between a quality home and one that’s likely to lead to repairs and hazards. If you need a structural engineer in Hudson, CO, High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC can be of service. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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