How to Find Your Property Lines

How to Find Your Property Lines

January 31, 2020

If you’re purchasing a property, selling a home, building a fence or have a boundary dispute, you may need to know how to find your property lines in Hudson, CO. These defined points indicate where your property ends and the next person’s property begins. While finding property lines isn’t too difficult, you do need to know where to look. Try the following top sources:

  • Assessor’s office: Start with the assessor’s office website. This site may offer maps for the real estate in your municipality. You can view these to determine the boundary lines of your property. Look for landmarks to help identify your property and figure out exactly where the boundaries are for your parcel.
  • Deed: When you purchased your property, you should have received a deed as part of the mound of paperwork you probably amassed. This deed includes a description of the property’s boundaries and measurements. Based on this description, measure your property lines and mark each corner to match what is in the deed. This will give you a visual of the boundaries of your property, so you can install that shed or fence appropriately without encroaching on your neighbor’s yard.
  • County recorder’s office: This is another municipality source that may have maps available for you to view for finding property lines in Hudson, CO. Look for documents that offer clear dimensions so you can accurately reference the maps to measure and mark your property lines.
  • Survey: In addition to a deed, when you bought your property, you should have received a survey. This is a drawing of your property lines, including measurements. This is a great tool to use for any boundary disputes, as it gives a clear picture of the layout of your land, including landmarks and other details.
  • Survey professional: If you do not have a survey, or if you suspect the one you have is outdated, contact a professional surveyor to create one for you. This expert will measure the property, mark the corners with stakes, and provide a current rendering of your entire property. The cost of this service varies based on the size of your property and the complexity of its shape and terrain. It is well worth the investment if you’re planning to sell or develop the property, divide it or add any structures to the land.

Tips for surveying

If you decide to hire a surveyor for finding property lines in Hudson, CO, be sure to look for a professional. Work with a team that has experience in your area and an established reputation in the industry.

Establish your boundaries

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