How Deep Foundation Systems Work

How Deep Foundation Systems Work

November 27, 2019

Foundation systems vary greatly in structure and purpose. Deep foundations are designed specifically to provide more stable conditions for significant structures. Geotechnical engineering services in Hudson, CO typically take these foundations more than three meters below the surface to reach solid strata far underground.

This type of solid foundation can be accomplished through a variety of methods.

Types of deep foundations

Following are the most common deep foundations and an overview of how they work:

  • Pile foundations: This type of deep foundation is created by driving tubes filled with concrete into the foundation to the desired depth. This method is often used when conditions require the transmission of loads to layers that are deeper than a shallow foundation could reach. Piles are used to support structures and resist uplift. This solution is often used for bridges and waterfront structures.
  • Caissons: This style is a hollow substructure that is dropped below ground to the desired level. Caissons provide significant load-carrying ability. This type of deep foundation is frequently used for bridges.
  • Buoyancy rafts: Also called hollow box foundations, these deep foundations are designed to provide a buoyant substructure. Below this substructure, the soil load is decreased. Buoyancy rafts can be placed in the ground like caissons, or they can be used in open excavations. They are good for structures that require underground tanks, and are typically only used on sites that are on deep deposits of silt or soft sand.
  • Shaft foundations: To create a shaft foundation, technicians drill a hole in an excavation and place a concrete unit in it. This foundation style is easy to customize and can be used in low overhead conditions.
  • Basement foundations: A common deep foundation, basements are hollow substructures. They are designed to provide working or storage space below ground. These are commonly found in residential structures.

Choosing the right deep foundation

Do you need to choose a foundation style for your next construction project? To ensure you give your project the solid foundation it needs, consult with a provider of geotechnical engineering services in Hudson, CO. Selecting the right foundation requires in-depth knowledge of structural engineering, foundation styles and construction. Experts in geotechnical engineering are the ideal source to tap for information on this topic.

These experts will consider the purpose of your structure, the type of soil, the materials involved and the conditions of the area to determine which deep foundation style is the best solution for your project. Their input will prove invaluable as you move forward with your construction.

Learn more

For more information on deep foundations, contact your local professionals who specialize in geotechnical engineering services in Hudson, CO. The team at High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC is ready to assist you. We offer a variety of services for commercial, residential and agricultural properties, including soil testing, percolation testing and foundation and septic design for new construction. We provide sensible solutions to geotechnical, structural, environmental and civil engineering challenges. Our practical expertise is backed by diverse design resources to get the job done cost-effectively and efficiently, with sustainability always at the forefront. Call today for more information.

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