How Would a Project Administrator Help in My Construction Project?

How Would a Project Administrator Help in My Construction Project?

October 4, 2019

Construction projects have many moving parts, both literally and figuratively. Managing all of these aspects requires wearing many hats. Often, project administrators in Hudson, CO are a good solution to delegate many of these roles and create a smoother process.

The project administrator can help in a variety of ways. Following are some typical job duties of this professional. Consider how you might benefit if you had an expert handling these duties for you on your next construction project. Once you take advantage of this resource, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without an administrator in the past:

  • Contractor collaboration: Project administrators in Hudson, CO handle interactions with contractors. Since this is often a major aspect of any construction job, this role can greatly alleviate stress on the project owner. The project administrator coordinates appointments, supplies and reports with contractors and oversees the work to ensure everything is going according to schedule and budget.
  • Reporting: An important part of workflow is reporting to all stakeholders how the project is progressing. A project administrator updates the project calendar, records meeting minutes and creates presentations to clearly communicate updates to everyone involved. This person keeps all parties on the same page and ensures the right people are kept in the loop about changes and progress.
  • Contact: Because the project administrator handles workflow, contractors and reporting, this individual becomes the main point of contact for all project participants. Supply orders, meeting schedules, phone calls, project calendar changes and any other issues and concerns go through this professional. The administrator then directs the workflow, delegates the task or makes the decision needed, handling each situation to keep the project moving smoothly.
  • Scheduling: This individual schedules meetings, contractor work and any other aspects of the project that need to be placed on the calendar. He or she then monitors this schedule and makes adjustments as needed based on project progress.
  • Analysis: The project administrator conducts risk analyses. This analysis keeps stakeholders informed about the potential for a project. As the project progresses, the administrator monitors to track ongoing risk and report progress and potential issues to the appropriate parties.
  • Documentation: Project administrators in Hudson, CO handle all correspondence and other documentation for the construction project. This may include project manager correspondence, contracts, applications, letters, permits, purchase orders and other paperwork as needed.
  • Wrap-up: Once a project is complete, the administrator is responsible for assisting with final wrap-up. This may include boxing and filing appropriate paperwork, sending final reports to stakeholders, ensuring all contractors have received final payments and other duties as needed based on the project at hand.

Enhance your project management

For the next construction project on your calendar, partner with a project administrator from High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC. We provide sensible solutions to project challenges. We’ve been the premier project administrators in Hudson, CO since 2006. Backed by diverse design resources, we provide practical expertise to get the job done cost-effectively and efficiently, with sustainability in mind. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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