How a Structural Engineer Helps in the Construction of Your Custom Home

How a Structural Engineer Helps in the Construction of Your Custom Home

July 2, 2019

If you’re beginning a new custom home, you may be wondering whether it’s necessary to hire a structural engineering service in Hudson, CO for assistance. You may already have an architect, designer and general contractor in place, so is a structural engineer really necessary? The truth is that a structural engineering service in Hudson, CO provides many aspects of the process that the other professions don’t and is essential to the project. There are many reasons why a structural engineer is a critical part of any construction project, no matter the nature of the finished structure. Read on to learn more about the role an engineer plays in your custom home’s construction:

  • Safety concerns: One of the most important reasons why you should hire a structural engineering service in Hudson, CO for your custom home is for safety reasons. A structural engineer will be responsible for ensuring the structural safety of your custom home, which involves many aspects that the other designers or architects won’t be as familiar with. Your home will need to be able to withstand the worst weather possible in your area, including snow, sleet, high winds, tornadoes and even earthquakes. The engineer can make suggestions about the orientation of the home, the slope of the roof, the construction materials, the design and more to ensure your custom home is the safest possible harbor for you and your family.
  • Inspections: Along with safety concerns, the structural engineer is responsible for making sure your completed home passes all inspections. This ensures that your home is completed up to code on time and won’t require additional time and money for adjustments, changes and modifications to bring it in accordance with regulations and standards. They’ll help submit plans and obtain necessary permits before, during and after the construction. If the engineer does their job right and has safety and codes at the forefront of their mind from the beginning, passing inspections should be a breeze.
  • Design: You may think the design of your home is entirely up to you and your architect. However, a structural engineer is instrumental in making sure your home design is completed. While the architect concerns him or herself with the aesthetic and practicality of your home’s design, the structural engineer will plan the foundation, framing and structural integrity of the roof and other structural elements, as well as the efficiency of the home. They are instrumental in making sure that your design is not just pleasing to look at, but that it will function and last.
  • Materials: A structural engineering service in Hudson, CO is also instrumental in determining the feasibility of using particular materials for construction of your custom home. They determine which materials are the best choices for the foundation, beams, posts and building supports while being ideal for your region and climate.

High Plains Engineering & Design, LLC makes sure that every project and custom home is designed correctly so your home is structurally sound and lasts for years to come. We work closely with your architect to ensure your project passes inspection and will stand up to the elements. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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