Advanced Trends in Civil Engineering

Advanced Trends in Civil Engineering

July 16, 2019

Civil engineering is an advanced field that relies heavily on emerging technologies to improve its processes and final products. It’s an exciting time to be in the industry of civil engineering in Hudson, CO, as advancements in technology create exciting new opportunities and processes for construction. Even if you don’t know much about civil engineering in Hudson, CO, you might be interested to learn how technologies you do know about impact the field, and even some you’ve never heard of:

  • Augmented and virtual reality: You may think that AR and VR are limited to new video games and apps and other more trivial applications, but these technologies are becoming instrumental to the field of civil engineering in Hudson, CO. Both end users and the civil engineering team are using AR and VR in order to visualize the end results of projects. Stakeholders and designers also benefit by the immersive environment of the imagined project to get a clear idea of the finished product before construction even begins. Not only is this information useful for excitement and planning, but it provides civil engineers with information about safety concerns, design specifications and productivity statistics.
  • Advances in software: Data collection is becoming more advanced, and software is becoming more intuitive and interactive. Construction software and the data ecosystem are benefiting from software advancement and the ability to collect data more thoroughly and accurately. Now, real-time collaboration software provides the digital backbone for the construction process, from beginning to end.
  • Building information modeling: Building information modeling is starting to be used in large-scale applications. Engineers are able to create virtual three-dimensional models of their projects and designs through the intelligent modeling process, along with cloud technology and big data. This drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to turn a drawing into reality. Bridges, electricity networks and superstructures are all being worked on with these virtual models, which is not only fast, but cost efficient.
  • Drones: Drones are being used in applications around the world, from land surveying to carrying medical supplies to remote locations. The construction industry is now using drones to eliminate human involvement in aspects of the design, development and surveying of civil engineering projects. They can be used to carry out safety inspections, progress reporting and more, as they can easily access hard-to-reach or hazardous zones of the project in a matter of minutes, without posing any danger to human life.
  • Advances in materials: The materials used in civil engineering in Hudson, CO are also benefiting from technological advancements. From cement composite, advanced steel and self-healing concrete to fiber-reinforced polymer composites, the future of construction relies on these advancements in materials.

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