What Does a Geotechnical Engineer Do?

What Does a Geotechnical Engineer Do?

May 15, 2019

If you’re working on improving your property, building a custom home or rezoning your land, you’ve probably encountered a need for geotechnical engineering services.

At its heart, geotechnical engineering is the process of gathering scientific data on rock, soil and land to use to inform decisions relating to construction. Geotechnical engineers in Hudson, CO, are a highly specialized branch of civil engineers, often capable of performing other engineering tasks, as well.

There are a number of reasons you should consider working with a trusted geotechnical engineering company in Hudson, CO, for your next construction or property improvement project. Geotechnical engineers will help ensure your project is a success, assist you with navigating zoning and permitting requirements and help you build a safe and long-lasting project.

Here are just a few of the services you can expect to receive when you contract a geotechnical engineer:

  • Geotechnical investigation: During a geotechnical investigation, a geotechnical engineer in Hudson, CO, will carefully examine the topography and underground make-up of your plot of land. They will study the soil composition, gradation and other essential metrics. They will then provide you and the construction crew with a report outlining the health of the soil and the seismic state of the plot. You can use this information and the engineers’ expertise to create workable construction solutions.
  • Foundation assistance: One of the primary roles geotechnical engineers in Hudson, CO, play is foundation analysis. They will examine the soil surrounding your proposed building’s footprint, and make sure it’s capable of holding up a strong foundation. Most local governments require a geotechnical engineering company’s analysis of the health of a site’s proposed foundation before they’ll approve any plans.
  • Mapping and seismic investigations: Geotechnical engineers will map your construction site and provide you with an in-depth analysis of the best places to build. They can also help you determine whether there are any fault lines or areas of seismic activity on your site you should avoid constructing on. Geotechnical maps are useful for future improvements, as well.
  • Other engineering services: In addition to geotechnical services, most geotechnical engineering companies in Hudson, CO, employ multidisciplinary engineers capable of meeting a wide range of engineering needs. It’s advisable to seek out an engineering company that can assist you with geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering and structural engineering. Keeping all disciplines under one roof will help you maintain a holistic construction approach.

Since 2006, High Plains Engineering and Design, LLC, has been a top geotechnical engineering company in Hudson, CO. We’re proud to provide a range of engineering services for commercial and residential clients. We’re capable of rising to any engineering challenge. Our team can perform environmental, structural, geotechnical and civil engineering tasks.

We’re here to help our clients succeed. To learn more about our wide range of geotechnical engineering tasks and the way we can help you make the most of your plot of land, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.

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