What Exactly Does a Structural Engineer in Hudson, CO Do?

What Exactly Does a Structural Engineer in Hudson, CO Do?

April 17, 2019

Structural engineers are the kinds of engineers you’d hire to design, build and maintain structures and facilities such as bridges and buildings of all sizes. These are civil engineers with specialties in structural work—they focus primarily on the architectural integrity of any type of building or public work. As such, these individuals are found out and about at job sites just as frequently as they are found in office settings.

The main purpose of a structural engineer is to ensure that any given project will be able to stand up to all types of stress over a long period of time, and that the structural integrity of a design or building is solid. These engineers play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of any projects they work on, as well as the efficiency with which they are built.

Here are just a few examples of some of the focal points of structural engineering in Hudson, CO:

  • Design: Structural engineers are an important part of the design phase of any given construction project, because they must be able to certify that a design will have appropriate structural integrity. Engineers must use both their practical knowledge and their knowledge of theoretical concepts to be able to predict and assess how heavy forces could compromise a building’s architecture, or the structural integrity of a roadway, bridge or other piece of infrastructure).
  • Cost estimates: The other big role a structural engineer plays before the construction of a project actually begins is helping to determine the estimated cost of the project. Structural engineers must have a thorough understanding of budgetary constraints for projects, combined with the costs of materials and the amount and type of work that must go into developing the project properly. Engineering programs at universities typically have coursework that focuses on these types of issues to prepare engineers for providing accurate cost assessments.
  • Construction: During the course of the construction of the project, structural engineers can work as inspectors on the job site while also supervising the execution of the designs for the project. Engineers must be able to communicate the proper technical data to the other construction engineers on site, as well as to all the workers supervising the builders and laborers. There are structural engineering programs and degrees that have a specific emphasis in construction engineering technology.

To become a structural engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of civil engineering, potentially with a specialty in structural engineering depending on the program you went through. All states require Professional Engineering (PE) licensing in addition to a bachelor’s degree. This occurs after graduation. PE candidates go through an engineering fundamentals examination process, which results in internship in civil engineering or status as an engineer-in-training. Some states have additional licensure requirements as well.

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