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What is the Difference Between Dampproofing and Waterproofing?

September 30, 2021

You’re likely familiar with the process of waterproofing a foundation wall. But what is dampproofing? The process of dampproofing foundational walls involves using a tar- or asphalt-based mixture on the outside of the wall to prevent moisture from getting through the concrete walls, into the interior of your basement or crawl space. Most homes built today use a damp-proof coating that was designed and implemented to meet your local building code requirements during the construction process. However, after several years, these coatings will begin to fail. Unfortunately, it is difficult (and expensive) to install such a coating years after the... View Article

Why Caissons Are Necessary Instead of Continuous Footings

November 2, 2020

Your house’s foundation provides support, a moisture barrier and stability to your home in Hudson, CO. Depending on your home’s type and location, however, the type of foundation and footing you need may vary. As you might imagine, the foundation you’d use for a multi-unit apartment building in downtown Denver would be very different than you’d use for a single-family home built on the side of a hill. Here’s an overview of foundation types and when you might need to use caissons instead of continuous footings. The two broad types of foundations Foundations can be broadly categorized into two different... View Article

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